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Phobia Volume Two: I Can't Go Out

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A documentary about various phobias, and the serious effect that the psychiatric symptoms can cause. You are buying access to watch the programme online in your 'My Account' area.

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Audience Patients of any phobia. Students with an interest in mental health including the disciplines of nursing, psychology and medicine. Content Many apparently minor or trivial psychiatric symptoms can cause serious and long term misery for the patient and their family. After a fall in a theatre, Marian experienced increasing anxiety about getting back to normal. We follow her through brief psychotherapy with Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Steve Keen, and see the positive and dramatic difference it makes to her life. The programme is very strong on human interest and has received excellent feedback. Psychiatry can sometimes get a negative press but examples such as this show the speciality in a different light. Mental Health TV would like to thank Marian and David for agreeing to appear in this production. Style Documentary style, follows the treatment of a real patient, with intercut professional comment. Use Main use in a live lecture setting or private study. Wide appeal. General interest programme that can be applied to phobias in general. Essential viewing for students. Running Time 64 minutes
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