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Bereavement in Obstetrics DVD

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There are three sections, including an interview with 'Jenny' who speaks about the loss of her baby. This is followed by 'Not Too Small To Mourn' - a drama documentary of late in-utero death. Last of all there is 'Loss Before LIfe', which is an interview with a couple who discuss their experiences and feelings following a miscarriage.

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'Jenny' Jenny briefly talks about the loss of her baby, the trauma she went through and her recovery. The end of this clip offers a call to action. Not Too Small To Mourn Drama documentary of late in-utero death. Commentary highlights teaching points. Very powerful. Silver medal winner. The storyline is simple - Jo begins to feel there is something wrong. The story unfolds to show how the staff handle the situation. There are many practical guidelines that any department could adopt. (British Medical Association, Silver Award for Film & Video - Royal Photographic Society, 21/12 systems video 1st prize award. Association Spanish Cine Certification, ASECIC, Diploma/Honours Award) Loss Before Life: Following a brief introduction this programme is a recording of an interview with a couple discussing their experiences and feelings following a miscarriage. Since the first interview was made, the couple have endured two more miscarriages but now have a baby girl. A follow up interview with the family provides an opportunity to hear on their reflections about the miscarriages and the way it influences their feelings towards their new baby.
  • Trichotillomania: A Case Study

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Thirty Year Study - Part 1

  • Bereavement, Loss & Change: Lecture One, Part One

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