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Clinical Case Studies: Volume Four

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This programme covers auditory hallucinations and psychotic symptoms, with follow up interviews.
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In case one 'Jay' illustrates a number of psychotic symptoms including delusional perceptions and paranoid delusions, as well as auditory hallucinations. In case two, 'Colin' talks about auditory hallucinations, afterwards Dr Gall discusses critical diagnostic features of auditory hallucinations and possible treatment options. In case three, 'David' clearly displays a number psychotic symptoms. The follow up interview shows significant improvement. Dr Gall discusses the importance and significance of these observations. In case four, 'Rawlins' vividly tells about factors that precipitated his mental illness and the struggle he has in coming to terms with his serious physical problems. He describes symptoms often seen in agitated depression. Audience Mainly for students and junior staff with an interest in mental health. Running Time 35 minutes