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Clinical Case Studies: Volume One

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Clinical Case Studies: Volume One covers possession disorder, deliberate self harm, and alcoholism.
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These cases can be found on the DVD Clinical Case Studies: Volume One. There is not a theme, except that each is thought provoking. Suggested Audience Medical, psychology and nursing students, pre-examination junior doctors. Content Case One: Possession disorder. Male patient feels a Jinn controlling him during the consultation. Shows how he is cured by ritual. An edited interview without any captions, recorded in the UK. The BBC have recently covered this subject as well. (Novemebr 2012). "Medical staff, psychiatrists and the criminal justice system are increasingly having to understand the belief in spiritual possession. New research has highlighted the problem within the British Asian community of blaming the supernatural for mental health problems and it comes at the same time that four members of the same family are found guilty of murdering a young woman they argued was possessed." Case Two: Deliberate self harm. Interview with a young female patient after several months in hospital. This is captioned and highlights the importance of staff-patient relationships. Very moving emotionally. So, what do you think was wrong with her? Consider the treatment options. Does every patient who self harms need to be in hospital? Why not? Case Three: Alcoholic female patient. Here is a classic presentation of an alcohol problem. There are two versions of the interview in which the second is captioned to illustrate the C.A.G.E. questionnaire.The follow-up interview after three years is impressive. What factors might have lead to this outcome?